About Us

Palliative Manitoba is a registered charity focused on easing the suffering of the dying and the bereaved.

Serving as a vital resource for individuals, families and caregivers, Palliative Manitoba provides programs, services and information to lessen the stress at end of life. We partner with agencies and health care providers throughout the province and speak in support of universal access to quality palliative care.

Palliative Manitoba also aims to enhance the profile and understanding of a holistic approach to palliative care in the province. We identify gaps in knowledge and services and seek ways to address them.

Mission Statement

Palliative Manitoba eases the suffering of the dying, the bereaved and caregivers, through supportive services and education.

Vision Statement

People throughout Manitoba are connected with information and support when facing death or grief.


Compassion: We recognize each individual with empathy, focus and kindness.

Collaboration: We work with individuals, families and other organizations to broaden and enhance the services we provide.

Integrity: We act with authenticity, dependability and urgency in serving the needs of each individual.

Nurturance: We provide individualized care and support in an accepting, respectful and safe manner as allies and advocates.

Adaptive: We strive to improve, learn and grow as individuals and an organization so that we can have meaningful impact on every life that we touch.