Youth Bereavement Support

Palliative Manitoba understands that every child feels the effect of a death of a loved one in different ways, sometimes responding unexpectedly.

We offer grief support services available to young individuals. Kids Grieve Too and Teens Grieve Too help children and youth address grief that accompanies a death, and provide them with tools to address feelings and emotions directly.

Palliative Manitoba understands the importance of using real language when speaking to children about grief. In these programs, participants take part in different activities, while parents and guardians are offered support in another group setting.

Acceptance into Kids Grieve Too and Teens Grieve Too involves completion of an application form and an interview with the child and family.

Kids Grieve Too (Ages 9-12)

Kids Grieve Too is designed to recognize physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural aspects of children’s grief.

Grieving children turn to their parents or other trusted adults who may also be grieving. Recognizing a child’s grief and providing support while grieving can be difficult. Kids Grieve Too is designed for both adults and children to receive the support and build skills to address the challenges of grief directly.

Teens Grieve Too (Ages 13-17)

Teens Grieve Too is designed to help reduce isolation a teenager may be feeling and offers a supportive group to meet with others.

Every teen grieves differently. Peer support groups are an ideal way to help grieving teens heal as they begin to realize they are not alone in this process. Participants are encouraged to tell their stories of loss but are never pressured to do so In this setting, teens will meet and build friendships with others who have had similar experiences. Although, grief is unique to everyone, participants have the opportunity to listen and support one another as they move through their individual process.

Both programs run for 7 weeks and also offer a grief support group for parents and guardians. Click below for registration and next session dates.

Online Registration

Please contact our office for more information, 204-889-8525.

Palliative Manitoba bereavement programs are free of charge and are meant as supplementary grief support. It is beyond our scope to provide counselling or crisis support. If you feel you require professional support please contact your health care provider, look into your employee assistance program, or connect with mental health groups and organizations.