Memory Tree

The Memory Tree started in 1992 is a special place to help bridge the pain of grief during the holiday season. The expression of sadness is as natural as the expression of happiness.

The holiday season is traditionally a time of joy for most. But, for those grieving, it can inspire feelings of loss, loneliness and social isolation. Many grieving people feel out of step with the world around them, yet may feel reluctant to openly admit their pain. The Memory Tree provides a tangible way to acknowledge and remember the person gone. Individuals write their personal message on a beautiful card and hang it on the Memory Tree, displayed prominently at St. Vital Centre in Winnipeg.

The 2015  Memory Tree was open from November 26, 2015 until December 24, 2015. Volunteers were on hand to provide support to 1874 visitors who placed 1776 cards on the tree.