Bereavement Services

Death is a natural part of life and finding one’s way through grief is to discover that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Your experience of grief will be unique. Grieving is normal, but it can be difficult, and support after a loved one’s death can be helpful.

Telephone Bereavement Program

Palliative Manitoba offers one-to-one telephone support by trained volunteers for grieving individuals throughout Manitoba.

This program offers a safe anonymous environment to grieving individuals where they can speak openly about their feelings. Each individual can expect to receive a weekly call from a trained volunteer once a match has been made.

Please note this is not a 24 hour service, clients will be matched with a volunteer following an intake with a Palliative Manitoba staff member.

Grief Seminars

Palliative Manitoba offers monthly grief seminars hosted by Chapel Lawn Funeral Home and Cropo Funeral Chapel. We have experts in the field come to speak on topics associated with grief. Staff and experienced volunteers are available at all grief seminars to provide additional support.

The seminars are free and open to the public.

Grief Seminars 2019

Grief Seminars 2020

Resource Centre and Library

Palliative Manitoba’s Resource Centre and Library has a large selection of books, videos, and pamphlets on loss, grief, & bereavement.

The Resource Centre and Library is open to the public, during regular office hours. All materials can be signed out free of charge.

Bereavement Message

Receive a monthly email from us with up coming grief seminars, support groups, and information for grieving individuals.

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