About Us

Palliative Manitoba is a registered charity that is keenly focused on improving living until the end of life.

Our programs and services are aimed at supporting individuals and their families in many different ways; first as a resource when they are learning about palliative care, next as they move through their palliative journey to their loved ones final days and final hours.  Our support for adults and children continues through the grief process, during telephone conversations, support groups, in grief seminars and via monthly bereavement messages.

Our educational services include training for volunteers, support workers, health care aides and the general public.  Palliative Manitoba also expanded our education component to rural communities by offering sessions on bereavement support.  Palliative Manitoba’s Resource Centre and Library houses a large selection of books, videos, and pamphlets available to all Manitobans seeking support and education on loss, grief, bereavement, palliative care and end-of-life issues. Our library includes novels, poetry, support books, and children and teen books (including books for children as well as resources for parents with children dealing with loss) to name a few.

Serving as a vital resource for individuals, families and caregivers, Palliative Manitoba provides programs, services, education and information in an effort to lessen the inevitable stress during life’s final journey.

Palliative Manitoba partners with like-minded agencies and health care providers throughout the province, and speaks on behalf of the palliative care community and its stakeholders.

While our main goal is to improve life until its end, Palliative Manitoba also aims to enhance the profile and understanding of palliative care in the province.  We identify gaps in knowledge and services and set out to fill them.

Mission Statement

To promote effective, compassionate care for all Manitobans touched by any life-threatening condition, or bereavement, and to provide services and education that are complementary to the formal health care system.

Vision Statement

The vision of Palliative Manitoba is that all Manitobans experiencing a life-threatening condition live well until the end of life, and that those around them are cared for in the process.


Founded in 1983 as the Manitoba Hospice Foundation Inc., our organization responded to the need for better care for the dying in our community. With the acquisition of office space in Deer Lodge Centre in 1986 and the hiring of our inaugural coordinator, the first programs were initiated, including the Community Hospice Volunteer Program and the Volunteer Education Program.

Over the next several years, our growth took new directions including: a role in continuing education; preparing volunteers for other Manitoba agencies; initiating a provincial educational conference; and advocating for a provincial palliative care program.

Hospice & Palliative Care Manitoba became our operating name in 1995 to better reflect our expanding provincial focus in education and advocacy.  In 2015 we updated again to our current name, Palliative Manitoba.

2017 Board of Directors

Kim Grant, President
Stacy Cawley
Greg Connor
Gerry Oleman
Bob McGregor
Debbie Krahn
Wendy Singleton
Dr. Cornie Woelk

Annual Report

Read our 2016-17 Annual Report below.

Annual Report 2016-17 Annual Report 2016-17